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Sherri Of Palm Springs

Sherri Of Palm Springs

Rancho Mirage, CA


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I was born in Chicago, Illinois..lived in the western suburbs, am married and have 5 adult Children My family is the love of my life. While living in the great area of Chicago’s western suburbs I opened this Restaurant and Lounge on the biggest snowstorm..I designed my restaurant . It had a waterfall, creek and a lovely see-thru fireplace to 5 dining rooms and had lots of plants. I specialized in flaming foods, bar-be-que ribs and lots of mushrooms among of course other things. My success in this business was very personalized service; at lunch executives had their own tables and some had their own phones to conduct business if needed. We also specialized in great drinks and fashion shows and live entertainment. It was a great place to eat, drink and have fun rel='nofollow'
Above my beautiful lounge I had a winding wrought-iron see-through staircase with beautiful red shag carpeting leading to my designer boutique. I painted all the pictures for all the rooms, etc. to go with the outdoor feel. I hand painted some lovely blouses and other accessories. I took this little run down restaurant and built it into a multimillion dollar business through personalized service, consistently good food and great drinks. rel='nofollow'
I also was very involved with the board of directors of the American Heart Association, of our local hospital, mental health and many more, and devoted time to humanitarian organizations.

Now, how did I get started with painting? I did a lot of creative art, including designing my clothes and also making them. I loved anything that had to do with creating. I love gardening…oh my goodness, there are alot of things that I don’t do as much.. But somehow I learned about PAINTING DIGITALLY and really enjoying and never read a direction, just started to fool around with it…now I am almost addicted to it.

I love painting digitally and I still do my acrylic and oils…I think my very first digital was called Are You Ready!! Showtime!!…ask me how I did it, I couldn’t tell you. As I said in one of my little biographies, I loved art when I was in 3rd grade, but I was too busy all my life to really dive into it again. Except for the fact that when I needed to relax and think!! or go into my own little world. I painted in my office. . . and now I am retired and spend a lot of time painting and creating!!!


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